[Ontario Chapter] Upcoming CPMPAC Event – The Neuroscience of Personal and Professional Change

CCPAA is dedicated to working collaboratively with other professional associations, this event is hosted by our sister association CPMPAC – Chinese Project Management Professional Association of Canada.  Please register the event if you are interested.

CPMP July Workshop
— Driving Personal and professional Change
Presented by Professional Coach Uri Galimidi
Date/Time: July 19, 2014 2:00pm – 5:00 pm
North York Civic Center – Committee Room #2
5100 Yonge St., North York
PDUs 2.5 for PMP, CDUs 2.5 for CBAP
Cost: Free for CPMP members, $10 for Non-CPMP members
Registration: www.cpmpac.org
Contact info: Jen Li <jenlee1021@gmail.com>

If you are striving for a change in your life, but are unsure of how to bring it about, if you are frustrated about your lack of progress, if you feel indifferent and unmotivated, if you procrastinate or feel “stuck”, if you want to kick a bad habit, or acquire a new healthier one, then this workshop is for you.

As human beings we all share one trait; we all want to improve our lot in life. Few of us are blessed with the self-confidence and single-mindedness that drives us to achieve our resolutions just as we’ve planned them. However, most of us lead our lives with a constant feeling that there is a lot more we could be doing: that we can ascend to much higher levels in our careers, that we can achieve more fulfilling relationships with our loved ones, and that we can do a lot more towards attaining improvements in our wellbeing, our physical fitness, our nutrition, and our stress level. Yet these higher levels of self-realization often remain elusive. We feel that there is something that is stopping us from actualizing our full potential, but we do not really know what it is, much less what to do about it.
In this workshop, you will learn a few simple, yet highly effective, neuroscience-based interventions that will help you strengthen your willpower, overcome undesirable habits, adopt new beneficial habits, meet your goals with a higher rate of success, and become a better version of yourself!


The presentation will address the following:
1.Introduction to Personal and Professional Change
2.The Willpower Muscle
3.Mindfulness – A Powerful Tool for Change
4.Laying the Foundations for Change
5.The Habit Loop: Cue-Behavior-Reward
6.Surf The Urge
7.Your Accountability Partner
8.Summary and Takeaways

About The Presenter – Uri Galimidi, MSc, MBA, The Will To Change Inc
Uri founded The Will To Change Inc. in 2008, with the objective of helping clients attain their personal and professional goals. Uri helps his clients achieve clarity of purpose and develop a sound change strategy. He supports them throughout their change journey and holds them accountable to pursue their goals.
Before launching his second career as a coach, Uri was an executive management consultant for over 25 years. In this role Uri was a partner with the international consulting firm Accenture in South Africa, a vice president with Oracle Corporation in the USA, and a senior vice president with PwC Consulting in Canada.
Uri earned both his MSc in Bio-Medical Engineering and his MBA in South Africa. Uri is a certified Corporate Coach (ICF – ACC) and holds a PMP (Project Management Professional) certification from the PMI (Project Management Institute).
Uri is a frequent writer and speaker in the areas of Project Management, Business Transformation, and Leadership.
July 30, 2019

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