Online Excel Workshop 基础设置篇



1. 插入/删除多个空行
2. 自动筛选和高级筛选
3. 多表快速切换
4. 快速调整行高列宽
5. 选择性粘贴
6. 快速填充 – ctrl + e/ enter/ d/ r
7. 单元格内换行
8. 单元格格式
9. text-to-column
10. 打印设置
11. Word/Excel 表格互转


1. Excel365 动态数组
2. 文字公式
3. 日期公式
4. 查询公式应用
5. Vlookup/ xlookup/ sumif/ countif
6. 批量修改公式技巧
7. 公式错误代码讲解

Pivot Table

1. Calculated Field
2. Pivot Table 中排序和筛选
3. 拆分表格
4. Slicer



Featured Speaker

Pennie Y. Zhao

Senior Analyst, TAO Admin

Pennie is a Senior Analyst at TAO admin. She has over six years of working experience in finance and accounting, with expertise in various accounting and taxation software, including SAP, Simply Accounting, Quickbook, APPAC package, etc. Pennie also has advanced proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite particularly in Excel Visual Basic Applications (VBA) and Pivot tables.

Pennie holds a Microsoft Excel Expert certificate (Microsoft 365 Apps and Office 2019), and is a currently a CPA candidate.

Seminar Information

Date: Thursday, June 24, 2021

Time: 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm EST (registration starts at 6:45 pm)

Session Format: Online Webinar

Language: Mandarin Chinese 中文讲解

Cost: Member: Free; Non-member: $15

CPD Credit: 1.5 Hours

Enrolment Limit:80 People

Once registered, you will receive an email confirmation with webinar details. 

Active participation is mandatory for receiving the CPD certificate, including answering all poll questions. 

Course Curriculum

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