CCPAA, CPMPAC and CCFA 2013 Joint Summer Picnic

CCPAA, CPMPAC and CCFA Joint Summer Picnic
Sunday August 11, 2013

Time: Sunday, August 11, 2013 11:00 AM to 4:30 PM

Location: Picnic Area #4 in Wilket Park.

Cost: Free for person who brings food, $15/person for person online register and make payment without bringing food, Children under 12 are free. On-site payment is $20.00/person.

Registration and Payment:


Credit Card:

Contact: Rubin Li 416-662-9889

This is the summer gathering together and having fun event held annually by CPMPAC, CCFA and CCPAA.

This summer, we are hosting this event in Wilket Park, where there are trails for walking and bicycle riding, and also a creek wondering across the woods. Refreshment, communication, socialization and relax are the subjects of this event. Please bring your friends, your loved ones, your parents and your children… There’s a lot of space for children to play.

Soft drink will be served, as well as picnic food and fruit. NO Alcohol is allowed.

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