Association member service requests User ID

Welcome to CCPAA and thanks for your support, CCPAA is growing even stronger and bigger now.

Due to high volume requests of association service and currently constrained human resource, more importantly, to ensure the sustainability of our operation, CCPAA would like to announce effectively May/25/2015, anyone who requires assocation service has to be registered members. All operation will still remind the same, except when you send your requires to CCPAA through email or wechat, please kindly state your member ID in the title of your email or conversation.

User ID

You can get your Member ID by login to CCPAA, and click on the menu “Member” -> “View Profile” (drop down) -> “My profile” -> “User ID”.

If you registered offline/paid offline at our event, please send email to (email titled Request for online account, as well as state at what event you registered) or contact Cheng via wechat  He will help you set up an online account.

We encourage all our potential members to register member online, it will reduce our overall workload with technology. 


If you are requesting service, please send email to for resume related service you can send it to, we will evenly distribute the requests to different mentors based on their workload and available time. We don’t encourage you contact our mentors directly, as it may affect their daily life/work and over load centain mentors. 


Should you have any question, please feel free to send email to

July 30, 2019

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