Personal Tax Preparation and 2016 Update Workshop

Personal Tax Preparation and 2016 Update Workshop


Canadian-Chinese Professional Accountants Association (CCPAA) is proposing to host a T1 Personal Tax workshop on Sunday, Feb 12th, 2017 at the North York Central Library.


Tax and accounting professionals are required to keep their knowledge and skills current. CCPAA is helping Chinese Accounting Professionals to achieve this goal by providing personal tax return preparation and 2016 tax updates.


  • Overview


This workshop is designed for accounting and tax professionals who have the interests to prepare and review personal tax returns.

During the first section, the attendees will be assigned to prepare various personal tax returns cases in different levels, as if in a firm. Software will be provided and study materials to conduct the preparation will also be provided by the instructors. The workshop will be supervised and reviewed by experienced tax professionals. Any discussion and questions are free to raise meanwhile.

The second section will be conducted as presentation arrangement. The topics will cover current CRA audit focuses and new development tax issues for 2016 taxation year. We are keeping finger cross on gaining tax preparation practice and refreshment of in-depth topics facing veteran tax professionals.


  • Structure

The workshop phase 2 Sections:

  • Section 1 – Personal tax return preparation workshop
  • Section 2 – New development for 2016 and Special topics presentation
  • Guest Speaker:
    • Andy Liu
    • Administration Team
  • Leader:Allen, Jing

Responsible for proposal writing, events organizing and coordination with participants

  • Co-ordinators: JiaoJiao, MengMeng, Justin


Date, time and agenda:

 1:30PM – 5:00PM, February12, 2017Sunday Toronto, Canada


1:30 pm – 2:00pm   – Registration

2:00 pm – 3:30 pm–How to prepare personal tax return

3:30 pm – 3:45 pm   – Break

3:45 pm – 4:00 pm   –New development for 2016 year

4:00 pm – 4:45 pm   –Special Topic of CRA auditing focus

4:45 pm – 5:00 pm   – Q&A and Networking



Fairview Library: Room 2 (Second Floor)

35 Fairview Mall Drive, Toronto, ON M2J 4S4


SeminarEnrollment Requirement:

  • Only water will be provided.
  • Language: English
  • PD hour: 2.5 hours
  • Fees: CCPAA Member: $20/person

Non-CCPAA Member: $45/person

  • Seat limitation and enrollment: 20 persons
  • Please bring your laptop mandatory and Act optional to the workshop.

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