Established in 2008 in Ontario, The Canadian-Chinese Professional Accounting Association® Ontario Chapter (CCPAA-ON) is an independent and not-for-profit organization of professionals and scholars who are of Chinese origin and work in accounting, auditing and taxation or the related areas, including banking, investment, insurance, education institutions, government agencies, etc. Our mission is to enhance communication in research, education, regulation and business practices of accounting, auditing, finance, taxation and the related areas between Canada and China.


Our objectives are (1) to facilitate career and professional development of members in the accounting industry; (2) to provide opportunities for networking and enhance interaction among professional accountants in Canada and China; (3) to encourage members to understand the accounting, auditing, taxation and finance systems in both Canada and China.


Our Goals

  • The CCPAA-ON encourages members to understand both Canadian and Chinese accounting, auditing, finance and taxation systems in a broad view and actively participate in the modernization process of the Chinese accounting industry.
  • The CCPAA-ON welcomes opportunities, which conforms with Bylaws and the interests of the CCPAA-ON members, in such forms as joint research projects, education programs, publications or any others, in accounting, auditing, finance, taxation, or the related areas.
  • The CCPAA-ON encourages members to develop their career paths and professional competency in conformity.