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CCPAA-ON Member Satisfaction Survey

Thanks for joining CCPAA-ON. Our goal is to ensure our services and seminars exceed your expectations now and in the future. In an effort to better help us understand your needs and how we can best serve you, your participation in our Member Satisfaction Survey is greatly appreciated.

Once you complete the survey, your name will be entered into the quarterly lucky draw with the reward of “one free seminar”. The winner will be announced in our newsletter. 

1. How did you hear about us?
2. Are you currently following us on social media?
3. Did you read our quarterly newsletter?
4. What type of content would you like to see in the newsletter?
5. How often do you want to receive the newsletter?
6. How often did you attend our events?
7. What type of events would you like to see us offer?
8. Are you currently a member?
9. What benefits did you find most valuable?
10. How likely are you to renew your membership? (How likely will you renew your membership)